• Construction law
  • Administrative law (public procurement, environmental law, urban and rural planning)
  • Contract law and tort
  • Business law and insolvency law
  • Family law (marriage/divorce/alimony/visiting arrangement/adoption)
  • Debt collection (via online platform Collect Online)
  • Agricultural law / agricultural tenancy law

The Belgium law firm FIRMUS Advocaten was founded in 1991 and now has 10 specialized lawyers that provide legal assistance in various legal areas with a special focus on real estate: construction law, contract law, administrative law and general civil law matters.

FIRMUS Advocaten offers a complete and specialised legal service to large and medium-sized companies as well as private individuals – both nationally and internationally.

FIRMUS Advocaten is a boutique law firm with a close-knit team of experts in various fields of law relating to real estate. FIRMUS Advocaten strives for practical, sustainable tailor-made solutions and assists clients in a professional, efficient and personalised manner, operating from various working groups.

Clients can turn to FIRMUS Advocaten for expert advice, drafting of contracts and documents, conflict counselling and leading a negotiation process, representation in dispute resolution and mediation, court proceedings and judicial or non-judicial expert evidence proceedings.

Feel free to contact FIRMUS Advocaten to discuss -without any obligation- whether one of the lawyers can assist you.


  • Corporate law
  • Financial law
  • Inheritance law
  • Tax law
  • Contract law


The Belgian law firm Anteius was founded in 2005 and now has three specialized lawyers that provide legal assistance in the areas of Corporate, Financial, Inheritance and Tax law.

Anteius Advocaten represents companies as well as non-profit organizations and individuals.

Anteius Advocaten is based on the experience of more than 45 years in law practice to assist the clients in a hands-on way. Anteius Advocaten can assist their clients in the Dutch, French, English and Russian language.

Feel free to contact Anteius Advocaten to discuss -without any obligation- whether one of the lawyers can assist you.


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