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International Lawyers Network
  • How it began:

The Proteus International Network of Law Firms traces its origins back to the year 1996 when the Antwerp law firm of Bossers, Brants, Dierckxsens, and Vervliet recognized the need for European law firms to collaborate closely. This realization stemmed from their representation of clients in European Union countries, requiring cooperation with local law firms. Concurrently, some lawyers from the European Lawyers’ Association (ELA) were already working together, laying the foundation for a network dedicated to expanding their activities within the EU.

A pivotal meeting took place on May 11, 1996, in Antwerp, involving law firms from London, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Düsseldorf, Rotterdam, Oslo, and Antwerp. During this meeting, the decision was made to establish an international network of independent law firms focusing on European law firms engaged in international private and commercial law. The objective was to provide high-quality legal services and assistance to clients.

Over the years, the Proteus network grew extensively, with additional members joining from Lisbon, Lugano, Budapest, Prague, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens, and Warsaw. Despite some changes in membership, the network maintained its commitment to the highest standards outlined in the original agreement. As of now, Proteus spans 15 countries within the European Union and Switzerland and collaborates with law firms outside the EU.

  • The origin of the name ‘’Proteus’’:

Our name “Proteus” is derived from the ancient Greek word “Πρώτος” which means “first” or “foremost. Proteus takes pride in its adaptability and evolution, akin to the mythological figure it is named after. In Greek mythology Proteus was a god associated with the sea, that symbolizes change and transformation. The network embodies this spirit by offering a wide range of legal services across various traditions and practices, adapting to the evolving legal landscape.

  • Our approach:

Operating with a client-centric approach, Proteus ensures clear and transparent communication within the network and with clients. The network collaborates to provide comprehensive legal assistance, guided by a strong global perspective. Its diverse clientele includes multinational corporations, SMEs, individuals, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, entertainment industry stakeholders, technology firms, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, real estate developers, and energy and natural resources enterprises.

  • Our values:

Ethical conduct is a cornerstone of Proteus, involving transparency in client communication, unbiased counsel, and the vigorous adherence to our network’s internal code of conduct, as well as to general codes of professional conduct such as the European Lawyers Code of Conduct and the IBA Principles on Conduct for the Legal Profession. This commitment safeguards clients’ interests and contributes to justice and fairness in legal systems. Ethical working within our network cultivates a culture of mutual respect, accountability, and a shared dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

  • Join our network:

As Proteus stands at the forefront of the future, the emphasis on unity and collaboration remains paramount. Joining the network means aligning with reputable legal experts, unlocking opportunities for growth, knowledge sharing, and impactful collaborations. Follow Proteus on the journey to shape the legal landscape of tomorrow. For more information about Proteus or its member firms, visit www.proteuslaw.com or contact them directly.

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