Meet the members: FIRMUS Advocaten

FIRMUS Advocaten is a law firm based in Antwerp, Belgium. The firm is operational in all regions of Belgium (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia).

FIRMUS Advocaten was established in 1991 and now counts 11 specialised lawyers (and one office dog).

FIRMUS Advocaten is active in various legal areas with a special focus on real estate. Their core business includes:

– Purchase and sale of property
– Project development
– Construction law
– Issues regarding ownership and other property rights
– Government and environment (e.g. permits)
– Real estate in family context: bequeathing or inheriting real estate
– General commercial contracts
– Debt collection
– Insolvency

FIRMUS Advocaten offers a full service: advice, assistance in contract negotiations, drafting of legal documents, conflict counselling, representation in proceedings, expert assessments and mediations, etc.

FIRMUS Advocaten strives for practical, sustainable and tailor-made solutions. The firm approaches every case with an open mind and strong strategies to reach a favourable outcome. Lengthy legal proceedings are avoided as much as possible.

The firm assists clients in Dutch, French and English.

Patrick Dierckxsens, senior counsel with FIRMUS Advocaten, is one of the founding fathers of PROTEUS.

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